The above video is a recap of the day, something I may do more of. I am just trying it out a little now. The written portion is below.

Well today was interesting as the bulls got what they needed for higher prices but not in the fashion they wanted. I think that the bulls really wanted/needed was a tight consolidation day but instead we got another large travel range with a doji  close. I do not like doji closes as they often lead to more chop.

Going forward I think the bulls need to hold higher again for tomorrow and really need to have an inside day – we have had a massive travel range it is about time for a small break. 

Bears need to break the $SPY below the 8EMA and the ever so weak $IWM below the 50 SMA.

Still in a tricky part of the market – be careful out there. We are not see a ton of leadership.

Apple ($AAPL) still does not look that good, I think if it breaks the 419 level it could see much lower prices. I feel bad for the people who come to this site expecting me to say something different about $AAPL – nothing has changed  the downtrend rules.

Amazon ($AMZN) is trying to bounce but needs to “hold higher” now. Something to keep on the radar once it build a little more momentum.

Google ($GOOG) had an ugly close today. I do not like that. I would not really be focusing too much time and effort on $GOOG as it is lagging now and NOT showing strength.

Financials ($XLF) showed a little strength today mid-day and then gave it all back int he last half an hour. I do not like that but at least they are trying to regain some composure.

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