Hello to all the visitors, new and returning, I welcome you. I know I have not posted in about two weeks, I do apologize for that but as my high school career winds down, so does my spare time. I am leaving for a weekend at the beach Friday mid-day so there will not be time to do the normal Week Ahead post, as a result of this I have decided to share my watchlist with you all.

Keep in mind when you are viewing these stocks that they are coming from MY watchlist and the stocks selected for this list is a direct result of my own process (which you can read more about here: MY PROCESS). As such, you should not be directly taking these ideas as if they were derived from your own process, rather use it as a stepping stone for your own trading homework.

I welcome you to learn with me as we navigate the ever so large stock market. I even would enjoy speaking to you about how/if you trade(d) these names, just as long as you bought because they lined up with YOUR process, not solely mine.

We’re all in this together, let’s learn and have a good time. It isn’t one another we are going up against, it’s simply the way our process’s interpret price action can differ.

So, without further delay, here is my watchlist (I only have a position in $ENR, $BHI, $JNJ $BWLD when this post was written). As always, even though I will be out of town, do not hesitate to email, Tweet/StockTwit me with any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

6-6-14 adm 6-6-14 arwr 6-6-14 enr 6-6-14 fisv 6-6-14 hpq 6-6-14 sanm 6-6-14 spwr 6-6-14 sune 6-6-14 txn 6-6-14 wnc 6-6-14 xop

TOP Set Ups For the Week(s) Ahead