As the market sits in somewhat of a “limbo” state I do not have as many charts to share with you. As I can through the charts I am not finding a ton of actionable set ups from a swing perspective that are worth focusing on. I think patience will be a key trait to have this week. However, I do have a big announcement to make.

I started to make videos this weekend. I will try to make two videos per week as preparation for the week ahead. One of the videos will focus on “Sector Analysis” and the other “Security Analysis” The Sector Analysis will cover the various indexes, and sectors of the market and an overview of what is likely to happen with them in the upcoming week. The Security Analysis will cover individual stocks that I think could be in play, or just my opinion on various stocks that are often traded. I will see how this works, if many people like it I may do it more often. Thing of this as a beta version of what could come in the future – be sure to leave your comments on them as well.

Have a good week and enjoy the videos.

Sector Analysis –

Security Analysis –

And I did two more videos for fun this weekend as I test things out –


$FAS Trade Review –

And… “What is Relative Strength and Relative Weakness?


Now onto some charts – 


4-5-2013 BA 4-5-2013 DNKN 4-5-2013 M 4-5-2013 S 4-5-2013 V 4-6-2013 AAPL 4-6-2013 AMZN 4-6-2013 CELG 4-6-2013 DNKN 4-6-2013 DXJ 4-6-2013 GOOG 4-6-2013 SPY 4-6-2013 TGT 4-6-2013 TM 4-6-2013 TSCO 4-6-2013 TSLA 4-6-2013 UA 4-6-2013 YHOO

The Week Ahead – Preparation