Welcome back to another installation of the Week Ahead post. I know it has been almost a few weeks since the last Week Ahead post, but never the less, it is back now and I am glad.

Last week in a nutshell was No taper (because of the NFP) and Santa Clause coming to town! Basically, that is all the news you will need to know about because we strictly follow price here. The trend is still very much UP and therefore, I do have a swing longs on and one short (oil).

With the year winding down, it is time to reflect and grow. There is another year ahead of us, what are you going to do the same? Different?

With that said, enjoy the video and the charts below. Reach out to me with any questions/comments.

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Now, some charts!

12-6-2013 USO

12-6-2013 USO

The Week Ahead: NFP (No Taper) & Santa Clause Rally