Welcome back to the Weak Ahead post. In this post, if you have never been here before it is away for you to become prepared for the trading week ahead. I do this post not only to help myself prepare but also to help you. This is not deisgned to be an all inclusive trading idea list. I think doing your own research is prudent as well. Anyways, let’s get into it.

This post will not be as long as the ones in prior weeks because it is Memorial Day Weekend and I want to be able to enjoy the weather and relax a little before the Week Ahead. In the normal posts and I will write alot more than this and include a couple extra videos but today I will just share the Sector and Security Analysis videos and the annotated charts I have created.

Have a great rest of the Weekend. See you on Tuesday! (Click the “Click Here to Read More to see the videos and charts – if you are on the ‘homepage’ of the site)

Annotated charts are located on the bottom.

5-25-2013 AAPl 5-25-2013 ARMH 5-25-2013 ATVI 5-25-2013 BAC 5-25-2013 BX 5-25-2013 C 5-25-2013 DNDN 5-25-2013 EA 5-25-2013 GIs 5-25-2013 GLD 5-25-2013 HOT 5-25-2013 IWM 5-25-2013 IYT 5-25-2013 K 5-25-2013 M 5-25-2013 MON 5-25-2013 S 5-25-2013 SPY 5-25-2013 TGT 5-25-2013 TLT 5-25-2013 XHB 5-25-2013 XLV

The Week Ahead for 5-28-13