“Subjective evaluation of relative significance; a point of view”
“Considered in comparison with something else”

Above are the definitions of perspective and relative, respectively, from The Free Dictionary.

Without a doubt (in my perspective) these two abstractly complex ideas are directly related and should be considered together when evaluating the significance of the two. Let me explain; as stated above, perspective is the way in which we (as a human) interpret a particular setting that is presented to us. Relative is the act of drawing comparisons between two events, circumstances, ideas – things. The only way in which a perspective can be gained is through the creation of an anchor which is then used to draw relative comparisons which consequently affect the perspective in which we (as a human) hold.

“I stepped out into a puddle. Immediately my new shoes were soaked. I had a decision to make: What an amazing opportunity to make such an important selection. A choice to take another step or fall back. A conscious choice whether to live with the perception of dry shoes or to wallow in the wet ones.”

Above is piece of literature I wrote in creative writing class, the assignment was to create a 55 word story, I know mine was slightly more and is 56. However, the idea behind this piece is that we (as a human) have the unique and remarkable gift to alter our reality. Our perception is what makes an event ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and it is completely fathomable to change an event or circumstance through the implementation of conscious  relative comparisons.

A conscious relative comparison is in its most simple form a way of consciously thinking about the particular circumstance within realms of one’s entire lifespan. Then judging the relative significance of the particular event of what could be. (If it was up to me, I would guess the significance is not near as dire as you may have first thought).

Humans are simply marvelous. A creature that can literally alter a reality with simply comparing one event to another is proof of the complexity and noteworthy design each and every one of us has.

While the market is correcting, may you consider this post and perhaps revisit it when a trade, a day, a week does not go as planned. May you remember that we all have a marvelous gift to create good of bad.


The Remarkable Beauty of Conscious Relative Perspective