There are a ton of educational resources online in regards to trading and the capital markets. This is likely due to the difficulty and the seemingly impossible feat of developing and cultivating a unique process.

People, including myself (at the beginning of my career), all too often spend too much time looking for the all-encompassing answer. This is usually reflected in their constant purchasing of new trading courses, software, books and more.

The secret is, most of the time, none of these things will help you after the first one. All courses, books, etc. essentially will cover the exact same thing, just in different words. All of them will go over bull flags, head and shoulders, hammers, etc. Seemingly they cover everything, but the one, and most important thing that these things cannot offer you is the real-time experience. This is the most necessary thing to have to become a successful market participant.

You can read all the books you want, but until you sit down in front of your screens and try to actually trade, all you are is a walking encyclopedia of technical analysis terms.

Take a minute this weekend to reflect on this question: Do you have a process? A real process that answers the questions that can be seen below. It is OK if you do not have a robust process right now, like I said earlier, it comes with time and experience, and more books or courses will not help.

  • When to buy a stock
  • When to sell a stock
  • How much to buy
  • How much to sell
  • Where your stop loss is located
  • What is the set up look like that you are trading

All of the above should be answered through a tangible, written process. If not, perhaps it is time you take some time this weekend and start (you don’t have to finish) to develop one.

If you have any questions, comments or anything I could help you with please feel free to shoor me an email via the Contact Page.

The Fallacy in Creating Your Process