A little over a year ago Ben C Banks (BenCBanks.com)  was born. He was born as beginning market participant trying to learn the most he could while sharing and meeting others. However, over the course of the follow few months all of this changed. Ben C Banks went from being a student of the market to a ‘guru’ trader and began to live a lie that could not be sustained.

At the beginning, Ben C Banks’ goal was to trade the equity markets with as much skill and fluidness as some of the top Wall Street traders. Along with the desire to be one of the top Wall Street traders, Ben C Banks adored the ‘famous’ aspect of the business and felt as if only he were able to become well-known enough, success would imminently follow. After living a few months hoping, expecting and believing this, Ben C Banks could no longer take the stress that was required to live in such a way.

To some extent Ben C Bank was successful; he did (by his own standards) become well-known and gained a strong following which believed ‘it’ was true as well. Ben C Banks was able to travel because of finances as well as participate in multiple online interviews, all experiences he greatly appreciates. However, deep within himself he knew this was not exactly who or what he wanted to do. Perhaps the community, opportunities and ‘fame’ (to some extent) could be an added benefit but at the core, not the intended purpose of the creation of Ben C Banks. Ben C Banks believed that this was good though and lived this way for a long period of time; slowly the ill-natured, self-fish, fame-seeking Ben C Banks morphed it’s self into the Ben C Banks who wanted to study technical analysis and be a technical analysis ‘expert’. On the surface one could say these two people are same but they both have their unique psychological characteristics that ultimately make and destroy them.

The intended and ideal Ben C Banks is a student of the stock market. He is someone who strives every day to learn as much as he can about the financial markets, with the implementation of technical analysis. He is someone whose main motive is to learn but using money as a tool to further his education.

I am working towards the second of the two Ben C Banks. This does not mean that I am no longer going to be posting to Twitter, participating in interviews, trading or posting to BenCBanks.com. Rather, in its most simple form, I am going to be doing so with a different mindset. As well as this, my trading will change ever so slightly. I have found that as a result of Twitter I have begun to trade like someone I am not. With all the fast paced traders posting to Twitter and the constant flow of information, I believe this has negatively affected my personal trading by subconsciously convincing me I am a day-trader. To alter to this unfortunate trend, I am simply going to be going back to what originally intended to do; swing trade.

With this said, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ben C Banks

The Evolution of Ben C Banks (Knowing Thy-Self)