Here are some stock set ups that are at the TOP of my watchlist (no particular order). Many of the levels listed here are approximate and should be examined more closely if a position is established.

During market corrections it is VITAL to scan for relative strength stocks. Here is a taste of what I do every day and what I look for in a stocks. Enjoy, and share it.


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9-30-2013  P 9-30-2013 AMCC 9-30-2013 BEN 9-30-2013 FDX 9-30-2013 GNC 9-30-2013 GPOR 9-30-2013 ICE 9-30-2013 IM 9-30-2013 ISIL 9-30-2013 ITMN 9-30-2013 LKQ 9-30-2013 LTD 9-30-2013 LVLT 9-30-2013 RPRP 9-30-2013 SFUN

Some TOP Set Ups From My Watchlist