Here are some of my charts I posted on StockTwits and Twitter this afternoon near close. All of these charts are at the top of my watchlist and therefore I will be watching them closely over the next few days for their respective breakouts.

The market has had a huge move these past few days which makes it difficult to really intiate up here, but then again it has continued to show strength. Therefore I have come to the conclusion… Continue to take the set ups for what they are, potential trades. No reason to be ‘bearish’ on the market, let’s just trade it for what it is. Set Ups.

Have a good evening, here are the charts –


10-16-2013 GOGO 10-16-2013 MTDR 10-16-2013 SFUN 10-16-2013 SPY 10-16-2013 TASR

Some Set Ups To Watch & Thoughts To Ponder