I am going to keep this relatively short as you have the “week ahead” post on Sunday that will go into a lot of detail on all this stuff. The week ahead post has 2 videos, 20 charts, and a couple paragraphs. Always a great resource. 

$SPY gapped up today and held it pretty well. We now need to see if it is going to correct via time and hold the gap up or are we going to pullback from here. Only time will tell and overall I am leaning bullish, we could easily be in a grind higher now. 

$AAPL needs some more time IF this is going to be the bottom to base out. Can’t shoot up forever here.

$GOOG hit all time highs today. Looks good, we have talked about this name alot of the past couple weeks saying this is likely. 

$AMZN bounced but still in a downtrend for the most part and NOT showing strength. Next. 

I know this was short today and I did not cover much but again that is because of the week ahead post I will do on Sunday. Takes a lot of time to compile and it truly is something you should use to help you prepare for next week. 

Have a great weekend.

Ben C Banks

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