Tonight when you get into bed be sure to think about sleeping and falling to sleep a bunch. Try your hardest to fall asleep in 10 minutes.

If you’re an experienced snoozer, you know this strategy is flawed. No one can get to sleep if that’s all they’re worried about (going to sleep). It’s strange logic, but if someone thinks about not going to sleep, they will end up fearing not going to sleep and in turn, won’t go to sleep. This is what is called a paradoxical intention; want something, you must aim for something else to get what was originally desired. For sleep, this would mean thinking of anything else, or just earning for rest. Do this, you will get sleep. Think about sleep and you will get nothing, but more tired.

I mention this because paradoxical intentions are everywhere. Aim for money, you won’t have any. Aim for contentment, it’ll elude you. Aim for peace, it’ll be chaos. Aim for happiness, it’ll just never quite be there. The overall theme we see in all these is this; 1) we need to aim for something greater to get the lesser things 2) make something too important, it’ll collapse on itself (won’t ever have enough). The solution; know something greater, something objective that will not fluctuate. 

All too often new traders start in this business with the intention of making money, they usually find one of two things to be true because this is their intention 1) they won’t make any money, for that’s all they’re concerned about  or 2) they won’t ever make enough, which is functionally (and emotionally) the same as the former. For the new and old trader, the secret – one that spans all of life – is to gain, one must lose (the interest in making money, in this case) or to die is to live. In essence, to live or to trade with a purpose is the only way to contentment and success, any other way and you’ll be left with (functionally) nothing. So, what’s the reason you’re trading? For money? Fun? Educational? Job? Emotions? There’s a whole host of potential reasons, but what must remain and what’s essential is the answer to this question; would you still do what you do even if you suffered as a result of it (losing money), if so, you are on your way to success.

Paradoxical Intentions to Success