The following is a short list of the most read posts of 2013. I want to do this because for one, a lot has changed in 2013, we have seen everything from the fiscal cliff, sequestration and even a country in the middle of no where going bankrupt (I do not remember the name to be honest with you). Ben C Banks has also changed drastically over the course of a year and through this you will be able to tell how much I have grown as a trader and/or writer. Hope you enjoy!


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2013 Investments – As many of you may already know, this was a post I did at the end of last year (2012) with about 11 stocks that I believed were outperform the indices in 2013. As of 12/22/13 they were up on average of 39.315%, or 10% better than the SP500. 

My Trading Story – Almost everyone wants to know how an 18 year-old got to the point of being a stock trader; what path did he take? Who helped him? Does he trade? All these questions and more are answered in this post.  

Yellen Brings Christmas to November This is simply a ‘Week Ahead’ post that got a lot of traction. However, it was a good post and I greatly enjoy doing these type of posts, essentially all they are is a look ahead for the next week with as many set ups as I can come up with along with a video analysis. Definitely worth checking out.

The ‘Catch Play’ This post is all about a strategy in which I implement, I took the idea from someone else over at T3 Live and then made it my own, basically it is all about playing the momentum of a stock. Worth reading if you want to add something to your list of patterns.

My Strategy, Edge & Process Every trader needs one of these, this is simply mine. I wrote in the most simply way possible to benefit me and you to the best of my ability.

Is This Market a Tank or a School Project? – This post is probably one of my best posts ever, I draw a parallel between a tank on the battlefield, a school project (one you would do in grade school) and then of course, the stock market. I loved writing this post and this was the point during the year in which we were grinding higher, a very interesting read.

Why Pullbacks Are Good This post is useful at all points during a market cycle and will never go out of date. I create an analogy between the stock market and a gas station for an easy to understand reason why pullbacks are essential for all markets. A very very educational and entertaining read.

A different Spin on Sequestration This post is all about the sequestration (we all remember this, right?), this was written when everything anyone was talking about was the sequestration. Naturally I had to join in and share my ‘two cents’ and it is a fun read in hindsight.


That’s all, I hope you enjoyed reading some of those posts, I know I did. I look forward to writing even more in 2014. Have a Happy New Year!

MOST Read Posts of 2013 Revisited