Hello all,

It has been a while since I have last posted and I figured it would be a good idea for me to update you on my whereabouts. Everything has been going well with me the past few months. I am still in school in North Carolina, still studying finance. I spent this past summer in Clearwater, Florida with a Christian organization sharing the Gospel with people. It was a great summer, I met a lot of new people that are some of my best friends now. I back at school now and have started to interview with various financial firms for a summer internship (summer 2017).

Overall, things are going well and I still around. You are more than welcome to email me for more information if you would like.


As for the market, the overall indices are range bound which is not going to be as conducive for breakout(down) patterns to work, which is what I specialize in. However, there are still some patterns that stuck out to me when I was running through the scans this afternoon. They were; $MDU, $TSS, $BCO, $YY, $GPS and the strongest sectors I found where the financials ($XLF) and technology ($XLK), but once again – these are not exactly the best looking charts for buying, they are just the best of the sectors.

All the stocks that are setting up for buys or could be bought now with a stop below the recent pivot low are listed above and a chart of them can be seen below. Personally, I would wait a bit longer for them to “tighten” up before buying most of these (this is due to the market being very “wishy washy” right now and not having a strong trend).

If I were to trade right now, I would watch these few stocks closely and perhaps buy a couple of them in a day or so when they set up a little better of a pattern. But, if the market is to break out of this channel it is in right now, these are the stocks that are to likely breakout and move the most. So, keep an eye out for them.

Talk to you all soon.


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Market Update // Life Update
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