There’s an something that likely we’ve heard all of our lives; that experience is the best teacher. This is extremely true, in many ways. From starting a new job, to trading to school, to anything in between.

People often ask me how to trade, but I cannot tell them the formula, because there is not one. There are the basics, then there is expierence. This is all. All any trader should do is go over the basics over and over, then implement the basics into practice get the vital expierence needed to round out the learning process.

I recently began a job as a barista (and cook) and if there’s one thing I have learned since starting it is this; expierence and hands-on practice is the best learning tool. I can study the sheets all day long, but ultimately I need to get down and make the food and drinks myself to know what I am doing.

This same principle applies to trading. We can read all the books we want to, but eventually you will need to take the step of faith into the realm of real trading and learn from expierence. You will learn quicker and much more efficiently in that area then also. From the outside, it always looks scarier than it is on the inside.

So, for those who are struggling to learn how to trade or read technical charts… I implore you, do it, pull up the charts and and start trading (even if it is with fake money). You need to do this more than you know right (especially if you never have before). As for those of us who have been trading a while now, it is likely a good practice to go back through the basics of technical trading and chart patterns. It isn’t getting more complex; it’s getting the basics more ingrained in our daily thoughts and actions, then rounding this out with expierence.

Finally, on a side-note. I have been rather busy lately with this new job and re-doing my process. I apologize, but this is a needed transition.

Learning From Experience