My process has become much fined tuned in the past couple of months which I am proud of. Not only because im improving my trading but because it means I am growing in my trading.

As the past couple months have passed by my stock selection has grown increasingly specific. For example, now I will only trade (swing trade) when there are A or A+ set ups and the indices are coming out of bases or at least not extended (as they are now). The reason behind this is I have found through my losses that during this time the likelihood of seeing momentu, follow through in breakouts increases greatly. During periods of the market in which we are not holding higher in strong bases the likelihood of momentum breakouts following through decreases greatly and the chances of selling highs and buying lows (playing the range) increases – we are in the later currently.

As a swing trader timing the market is more important than some make it out to be. Because a swing trader needs to be able to hold positions for more than one day it is essential for them to be able to time the market during a time in which the likelihood of follow through is higher. This is (as I said) when the market is coming out of a strong base and there are stocks showing relative strength also in bases.

Many people I am sure believe I do not trade because I do not do it at the pace in which others do. I sometimes go weeks without ever placing a trade because the set up is not there but when the set up is there (from a swing POV), I jump on it because I have conviction and have been waiting for it.

Know your process, have confidence in it and be patient.

Know Your Process & Exercise Patience