Who’s going to be crying at your funeral? Yeah, it sounds a bit too much – I concur. However, there is no better way to describe what I am about to write about other than with a pretty forthcoming question. In all sincerity, it’s important to answer this question in one’s life. The answer to this one question will, with no doubt, solve so many of the problems we face as temporal beings. We live inside the constraints of time, every day the alarm will go off at the same instant within our continuum of our life. Every 60 minutes, an hour passes. Every 24 hours a day. There is nothing we can consciously, mentally, physically do to reshape this enormous limitation. There will never be a scientist that finds a formula to give us more time in the day (I don’t believe time travel will ever be a reality), there will never be any philosopher that can answer the question of what time is (other than it’s limits) . There is nothing, anyone can do in regards to the temporality encapsulation we are all inside. Given this premises, which I feel confident any rational person would agree with, we are then faced with the ever so daunting question: How do I spend something that is finite, limited and immutable? Simple answer, is you spend it wisely. However, to get people thinking into a concrete train of thought, consider the question I posed at the beginning of this article: Who’s going to be crying at your funeral? If you were to answer this question, the answer to how you spend your time should/would drastically change. The time we spend in this moment would move from focusing on the next due date, project, and meeting to a more relational focus: How can I further the love, kindness, and understanding of the people whom I care about in my life? My intention is not to trivialize the way in which you currently spend your days, this is not of my concern. However, my intention is to bring to your attention the importance of how we make decisions in our life. Every decision we make it bound and tied up within the context of the limited time we have. Therefore, we mustn’t consider the decisions we may on a daily basis to be unimportant, meaningless or irrelevant. As, in fact, they are very much pertinent how we spend this precious, confined, time we all have.

How to Spend Your Time Wisely