(Forgive the ‘rant’ style of writing in this post, I just wanted to get some thoughts down)

Greed is a dangerous emotion. 

Greed can and does lead to many negative aspects of one’s life. Essentially, as a whole, being selfish can and does create a person who does need anyone else. Consequently, the vital human connection to live is nowhere to be found.

Without this human connection, there is a life of nothing. Literally. Think about it, reason your way to imagine you attaining a TON of money and being able to buy that house, car, etc. Got that image in your head? Well, now imagine that there is no one there with you. At this point, you are probably feeling a little lonely, and I do not blame you. The price for attaining that sort of wealth cost you, your life. Yeah sure, you may have a couple people in the house with you, but the thing with these people is that they are also surface level relationships – and are likely just there for the free place to stay and all the cool stuff.

So, every time you think about that stock trade or you mutter the words ‘LET’S GO MAKE BANK’, please for goodness sake, keep in my mind what you are sacrificing to attain that sort of success – is it worth it?

Greed is a DANGEROUS Emotion