Today we formed a topping tail on volume and were are a little extended from the 8 EMA. I am uber bearish now but I am sitting more in the bearish camp. Wick downs on volume at resistance are a real tell for me. This is not a time to buy, the risk to reward is not in your favor here. Do not short anything blindly though, we are in an uptrend. 

Apple is BROKEN. Do not knife catch, we will get a reversal candle sometime. Then you can step in.

Google looks good, want to see some consolidation and a bull flag now though.

Amazon looks pretty good, I do think it needs more time though.

Back to some homework, I will be posting more tomorrow and in the weekend – that is really the most time I have. Have a good one. Email/Tweet me if you have any questions. 

1-24-2013 SPY

Topping Tail Possible – Daily Analysis –