Well the weeks sometimes blend together as I do the same thing almost ever week but this weekend I did something a little different. I tweeted out asking if anyone would like me to review any charts and post them, I got a decent number of responses and those charts will be listed at the bottom. As for the charts that are setting up for next week – I think there are more set ups this weekend than there were last weekend, the market is trying to break this wedge higher now. I advise you to look through ALL these charts and decent which one is the BEST for your strategy. If you would like contact me for any questions/comments please use Twitter (@BenCBanks) or the Contact Page on this website. Have a good week. 

3-22-2013 AAPL 3-22-2013 AMZN 3-22-2013 AXP 3-22-2013 BX 3-22-2013 CELG 3-22-2013 ELGX 3-22-2013 GLW 3-22-2013 GMCR 3-22-2013 GOOG 3-22-2013 HPQ 3-22-2013 NFLX 3-22-2013 PG 3-22-2013 SLV 3-22-2013 SPNC 3-22-2013 TSO 3-22-2013 VHC 3-22-2013 WAB 3-22-2013 XL 3-22-2013 XLF 3-22-2013 YHOO 3-23-2013 MIDD 3-23-2013 POWI 3-23-2013 WMT


Here are all the Chart Requests. Maybe I will do this again sometime. 

3-23-2013 BA 3-23-2013 CSFS 3-23-2013 DSX 3-23-2013 GXP WEEKLY 3-23-2013 KORS 3-23-2013 LNKD 3-23-2013 M 3-23-2013 PB WEEKLY 3-23-2013 RRC WEEKLY 3-23-2013 SPWR 3-23-2013 TRIP 3-23-2013 TSLA


Charts for the Week of 3-25-13