There are not as many charts here as previous weeks. This is because there really are not that many compelling charts out there right now. Alot of extended charts and ones that are lagging. I focus on the leaders, so all the ones that have not broken out yet (or are breaking down), are considered laggards. Because of this, I am finding it hard to find good set ups. Nevertheless, here are my thoughts on a few carts. Have a good weekend – 

3-15-2013 AAPL 3-15-2013 SINA 3-15-2013 SPX 3-16-2013 AMZN 3-16-2013 BIDU 3-16-2013 DE 3-16-2013 F 3-16-2013 FB 3-16-2013 GDX 3-16-2013 GM 3-16-2013 GNC 3-16-2013 GOOG 3-16-2013 GS 3-16-2013 HLF 3-16-2013 RY 3-16-2013 SMH 3-16-2013 WFC 3-16-2013 XLF 3-17-2013 D 3-17-2013 FDX 3-17-2013 PHM

Charts for the Week of 3-18-13