Alright here is my spill of charts for the week. Alot of nice set ups that need to be monitored this week. This is most likely not all of the set ups I will post or have posted so if you would like to be updated continuously throughout the week you may want to consider following me on Twitter and/or StockTwits (both @BenCBanks). I hope y’all have a good week. Enjoy.


1-26-2013 DVN1-27-2013 AAPL 1-26-2013 LNKD 1-26-2013 MSFT 1-26-2013 ZUMZ 1-27-2013 ACN 1-27-2013 AERL 1-27-2013 AKR 1-27-2013 BIG 1-27-2013 CSCO 1-27-2013 DJIA 1-27-2013 KORS 1-27-2013 mmc 1-27-2013 OGE 1-27-2013 PANW 1-27-2013 TRIP 1-27-2013 TSO 1-27-2013 WFC

Charts for the week of 1/28 –