All of these charts have been annotated on Sunday 1-21-13 and will apply for the week of 1-22-13. All of these charts are posted on Twitter/StockTwits as of  Monday morning (1-22-13). If you find these helpful/informative please take a second and retweet it or email it to your friends – it takes a lot of time to compile this much information.

Have a nice day.

1-21-2013 AAPL 1-21-2013 AMZN1-21-2013 BAC 1-21-2013 EXPE 1-21-2013 F 1-21-2013 FB 1-21-2013 GOOG 1-21-2013 H 1-21-2013 JPM 1-21-2013 MA 1-21-2013 PAY 1-21-2013 SBUX 1-21-2013 SINA 1-21-2013 XHB1-21-2013 WYN

Charts for the Week of 1/22/13