Well today we popped higher in the morning, and then sold off the rest of the day. Kinda annoying, of course. Also the $IWM had a potent down move, and broke some very key trendlines and MAs. Right now the Banks are the verge of breaking down (and they are likely too). This all being said. I will wait for further confirmation of a trend change but something has defintielry changed, and there are a few red flags out there right now. I would be careful shorting too soon, and also buying the dip too fast. Be patient and let the trade come to you. I do not really like the market sitting where it is now, but I am not going to short it yet.

Apple ($AAPL) still is broken, and trash – I would not spend any of your time on it.

Google ($GOOG) had a slight bounce today, but nothing special. I do not really like it too much.

Amazon ($AMZN) had a potent down day and broke some key levels. Do not like it is either. 

Just be careful now. Take some time and be patient. If you would like the latest please visit my Twitter or StockTwits feed at @BenCBanks


Here all the charts I shared today via Twitter/StockTwits 


4-1-2013 FAS 4-1-2013 MELI 4-1-2013 NFLX 4-1-2013 PG 4-1-2013 SPY 5 2 4-1-2013 SPY 5 min 4-1-2013 SPY 15 4-1-2013 SYMC 4-1-2013 TSLA 4-1-2013 XLY

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