Good morning. I am currently at the beach for the week and therefore will not have much interaction with the market and Twitter. This is likely to be the only post and/or watchlist for the week. The market is holding higher and looks strong. Looks poised to grind higher still.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK. Tweet me if you need anything.

$ACT – Nice base pattern and it breaks out over the 126 level. This pattern needs to be kept on the radar.

$COH – solid base and a nice higher lower formed recently to trade versus. A break out over the 59.50 triggers this one.

$IM – Long term base pattern with a small bull flag ahead of downtrend, looks poised to breakout but flag could be better.

$AWK – strong base followed by a nice bull flag, looks poised to break out higher. 42.75 is the trigger long.

$A – decent mid-level bull flag. A lot of overhead supply though so keep that in mind. Worth a look but not a top play.

$DHR – upper level flag, would not trade this for anything more than a tact-on trade. Not enough ‘meat left on the bones’ for this one.

$OMX – tagging the resistance before the gap. Looks coiled and poised to breakout into the gap. Keep an eye on it. Not a momentum stock so it likely won’t trade as clean.

$DAN – upper level flag looks poised to grind higher, not a core long but something to do if you want to.

$PLCM – awesome long term base and a nice flag before breaking out of the long term base, really like this pattern, looks poised to fly.

$LL – coming out of a decent base but has already been up three days in a row so it is a little late to chase, keep it on watch though.

$SRPT – holding higher below a resistance level, looks strong, it is a bio tech though and I think they have an announcement coming up so check that out if you so to choose to trade it.

$CRM – nice mid-level bull flag after coming off the lows. Not a leader, but not a laggard. Worth a look.

$CRLX – upper level flag, not a core trade but worth a look for a tact-on trade.

$QLIK – holding the gap up nicely, trade versus that, upper level flag as well. Like this pattern for a grinding swing trade.

$CELG – holding the gap very well, trader versus the gap, look strong in an upper level flag.


Here are a couple of the charts, did not do them all –

7-20-2013 ACT 7-20-2013 COH 7-20-2013 IM

Ben C Banks’ Watchlist for 7-22-13