Ben C Banks watch list

The order of the following stocks is irrelevant. The rankings that are to the right of the ticker are how you should gauge the quality of set up. This is done through my personal analysis, I advise you to at least review my work through your own analysis (process) before acting on it. You will notice today there are no A+ set ups and only two A set ups – this is simply because there were none out there likely due to the $SPX being in a neutral zone w/o a ‘tight pattern’. We will follow how this develops in the next couple days.


Long Ideas

$NDLS – A – Nice IPO base with relative strength, 43.50 trigger out of wedge pattern

$LOCK – B – OK wedge pattern with some relative strength, 11.55 trigger

$STZ – B+ – Nice ‘hold higher’ in a weak tape, 52.75 trigger

$GNC – B – OK base, nice strength, 47.50 trigger

$CERN – B – OK base, holding higher but with a cluster of dojis (more caution), 50 trigger

$CVA – C – not a clean pattern, but shows relative strength, 20.55 breakout trigger

$WPX – B+ – Nice base, breakout trigger over 20.00, shows relative strength

$WMT – C – OK flag, overhead supply looming, 77.50 trigger

$VNTV – B – strong relative strength, 28.30 breakout trigger, not a core

$TWTC – B – nice flag, 29.75 trigger, not a core

$DF – A – one of the few A’s, nice base, amazing strength, breakout trigger over 10.70

$CRZO – B – decent flag, trigger over 31.00, not core

$CY – B+ – long term base, breakout over 12.00, holding higher showing relative strength

$RAX – B – small rounding bottom but overall in downtrend, 42.50 trigger into gap

$CELG – B – holding higher still, 1-2 more days should be enough, trade versus the gap

$ONXX – B – holding gap well, trade versus the gap as this one got some attention today


Short Ideas

$TRIP – B – potential breakdown under 59.50 trigger

$LULU – B+ – breaking lower out of flag, showing relative weakness, breaking trendline, continuation play

$HUN – C – bear flag, breaking lower, continuation play, showing relative weakness

$TEX – B – breaking lower from bear flag, continuation play, showing relative weakness

Ben C Banks’ Watchlist for 7-17-13