Ben C Banks watch list

The order of the following stocks is irrelevant. The rankings that are to the right of the ticker are how you should gauge the quality of set up. This is done through my personal analysis, I advise you to at least review my work through your own analysis (process) before acting on it.

$MWE – A – Tight triangle, trigger over 67.80, strong volume as well

$CST – C – Needs time to build but nice IPO base, 32.75 trigger

$R – B – Breaking higher from channel and then holding higher, 61.75 – 62.00 trigger

$MKC – B – holding higher in front of downtrend, trigger breakout over 72.30

$NYX – B – Decent triangle, trigger 42.20

$COH – B+ – Strong base, holding higher, trigger 59.40

$BBT – B – Bull flag (not a core trade), trigger 35.25

$CPB – B+ – flagging above recently broken downtrend line, trigger over 46.50

$MMP – A – Nice hold higher over a strong base, trigger over 56

$M – A – Nice flag over decent size base, trigger 50.60

$RS – A (weekly), B+ (Daily) – Downtrend line breakout trigger over 65.80, awesome weekly

$ACM – B – massive long term base, could use some more time, trigger over 33.00

$FMER – B – high and tight bull flag, trigger over 21.25

$SEAS – B+ – Strong healthy IPO base, holding higher, trigger over 39.20

$TAP – C – Needs more time to develop but good pattern. See if it can ‘hold higher’ 2-3 more days

$VNO – B – strong weekly, trade versus the gap higher for a swing

$GWRE – B – High and tight bull flag, trigger over 45.80 (not a core trade)

$MGM – A – Nice flag over a decent size base, trigger over 15.80

$VOYA – C – Already breaking higher, look for a pullback to buy into the 21 EMA

$DV – C – decent base, but overall a rather broken chart

$MNKD – B+ – Nice triangle formed, inside day above 7.20 would be best, otherwise trigger over 7.50

$CELG – B – Monitor the gap higher, another 2-3 days would set this up for a swing trader versus gap


Ben C Banks’ Watchlist for 7-16-13