How many times have you been reading a blog post written by someone who is talking about what has already happened? Probably more often that you would really like, right? We don’t want historical facts, we want present actionable ideas. However, this is very hard to create as an author of a website. It is difficult for traders, like myself, to write a full article on every single market thought/trade that passes through my screens.

So, what can we do to compensate for this lack of quality, present, actionable ideas in the blogosphere? Well, Twitter ($TWTR), may be able to help some. Below is the first edition of a new kind of blog post; “A real-time chronological sequence of thoughts”, perhaps it can be called “RTCT” for short. Nevertheless, the important concept to grasp from this new blog post is that now you are able to read all my thoughts, as they were posted (real-time) so you can learn and develop your own process.

This “RTCT” does not solve all the problems we listed above (real time, actionable ideas). But it at least helps compensate for the fact that blog posts are usually written in past tense, thus allowing the author to skew their true market positions/thoughts as they truly occurred in the present.

So, below are all my general, broad-market related Tweets starting from 9/18 (before the correction started) and going all the way up to today (10/1). I went through and picked out all most descriptive Tweets.

I hope this helps some of you learn and develop a process of your own. You cannot replicate a process, but you can learn from others.

Please, email me if you have any questions. Would happy to help where I can. Enjoy.


A Sequential Look Back at the Past Two Weeks “RTCT”
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