Below are my 2013 predictions/analysis. My goal in doing this was to provide some guidance for the year ahead. I am a believer in the charts and I believe (unlike some) that they can be used to project potential prices in the long run just as well as they do in the short run. The charts and notes below are designed to help you understand how I got numbers I got, as well as help me understand how I got the numbers I got a year from now (when I review them). All the charts I listed below with the price targets I feel like they are achievable though I do not think every single one will be achieved (nothing is perfect). I feel confident in these predictions because it was based on a mathematical formula, no guessing wild numbers like you will see some others doing. I try to be as reasonable as possible, there is no use in calling for the SPX (SP 500) to be at 2000 next year because it is completely outlandish and won’t help anyone. My goal is to provide mathematical  achievable goals – not to be the guy who gets one of his predictions right and a hundred wrong while trying to guess in the next “Apple”. So, enjoy what I have compiled and feel free to ask any questions.

Ben C Banks

Excel Pictures 2013

BA 90 (Done)BAC 15.00 (DONE)C 53.00 (DONE)

DE 114.00 (Done)
F 16.00 (DONE) GLD 135.00 (DONE) HOT 85.00 (DONE) JNJ 79.00 (Done) MON 135.00 (Done) MS 27.00 (DONE) NUE 62.00 (DONE) SPY 166.50 (DONE) XHB 30.00 (DONE) YHOO 26.00 (DONE)